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Sometimes things just aren’t working out and it’s time to cut the cord and bid adieu. And if you learned anything from high school dating, you don’t want to wait to break up with your HOA management company until it’s too late and you’re stuck going to prom with someone you don’t even like. In other words–don’t wait until your community is in chaos and your residents are tossing up complaints like confetti to leave your association management partner.

But how do you know when it’s time to rip off the bandaid and start searching for the right HOA association management company that’s a better fit for your community? In this blog, we’re going to tell you the six signs to watch for that’ll help you decide on leaving your HOA management partner.

Shall we?

1. They don’t communicate well

There’s no doubt that communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. This is why when communication isn’t strong in an HOA management company, it can cause many problems that hurt the community and the people living there. The systems, tools, and process we have developed help us deliver updates on time, share information openly, and involve everyone in community matters.

2. Your visions don’t align

When the management company lacks a clear understanding of the HOA board’s vision it can lead to serious challenges. Their role is to act as an extension of your HOA board, implementing strategies that reflect your community’s values and goals. So if your visions aren’t in alignment, a disjointed approach to issues and processes will result; which in turn, can prevent progress and cause frustrated residents. At AssociationOne, we leverage smart systems and a well defined operational structure to make sure our visions align.

3. They’re not transparent with finances

Having a transparent community manager regarding finances is vital for building trust in HOA management. This is because clear financial communication fosters stability and community cohesion, while unclear financial information can breed doubt and conflicts.

For instance, let’s say your board wants to view your financial reports from the past three months, but they’re hard to obtain, incomplete, or missing. If this is the case, it’s time to break ties with your management company. Missing, inaccurate, or incomplete reports could mean that there’s hidden information or that management isn’t capable of carrying out their financial responsibilities.

4. They don’t fulfill their duties

When you hire a management company to help with your community, you expect them to make things run smoothly. After all, the number one job of a management company is to ensure your community works well–and that means taking care of things like repairs and projects. So if that one pesky streetlight is still broken after two months or the roof of the common area seems to have a perpetual leak, it means your HOA management company isn’t doing their job and it’s time for you to pull the plug.

5. They have a high HOA manager turnover rate

If you notice that your association management company has many different managers coming and going quickly, it might be a good idea to consider finding a new company to work with. This is because when the turnover rate for managers is high, it can create problems for your community.

For example, a new manager might not know your community well, which can lead to confusion and mistakes. Sure, they’ll begin to understand how your community operates after a few months, but what if at that point they hit the road and a new manager steps up to bat? And then right as that new manager learns the ropes, a new one comes in? You see where this is going…a high turnover rate will only cause a cycle of ceaseless confusion and frustration for your community and HOA Board.

A partner you can trust

Recognizing the signs to part ways with your HOA management company is critical for a thriving community. From poor communication to financial mismanagement, these signals are a clear indicator that it’s time to move on.At AssocationOne, our top priority is customer satisfaction. That’s why we bring a fresh approach that’s centered around transparent communication, cutting-edge technology, and expert guidance for homeowner associations. If you’re seeking a trusted business partner for your HOA, reach out to us today and we’ll answer any questions you have.