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6 Questions For Your Potential Homeowners Association Management Company – A Conversation Guide

A homeowners association (HOA) management company can shape the dynamic of your living community. Selecting the right homeowners association management company is crucial!

As part of your decision-making process, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with your potential HOA management companies to learn a little more about how their priorities align with yours. Asking the right questions can help you spot any potential problems before they become yours. Here are a few sample questions you might consider asking when considering a change in your homeowners association management.

1. What are the services you offer? Do you have any unique offerings?

Going in, you’ll probably already have an understanding of the HOA management company’s service offerings, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for their most comprehensive list. Get the full scope while you can! This ensures you have the most up-to-date information. Additionally, inquire about any unique offerings they may provide. Unique services could be a major differentiator that makes a difference for your community’s needs.

2. What is your experience and expertise in managing properties similar to ours?

Experience informs present practice. Dive into their track record by understanding their experience with properties that share similar qualities to yours. Every property is a little different; a company with a proven history of successfully managing comparable properties is more likely to have the insights and skills needed to address challenges specific to your community. Ask them to be as specific as they can be!

3. What’s your average response time when issues arise?

Timely resolution of issues is critical for the well-being of your community. The issue of timely response is often one of the main concerns of community residents. You want to have an understanding of their maintenance resolution process so that you can communicate it to your residents and develop your own peace of mind. This question ensures that you set realistic expectations for your residents and highlights the homeowners association company’s dedication to keeping the community running smoothly.

4. What technology do you use for property management?

Top property management companies today utilize technology that is fully integrated into their processes. This can make your HOA management more streamlined and residents better connected. Inquiring about the technology employed by the management company sheds light on their commitment to efficient operations and easing resident and board life. Facetime is good, but if matters can be managed simply using technology, face-to-face meetings can be reserved for more impactful and focused topics. Outdated technology or the absence of it altogether can be a hallmark sign of a bad HOA management company.

5. What is your typical style of communication?

Communication can often go hand-in-hand with technology. And, of course, good communication is the backbone of any successful partnership. You need to know how a company prefers to communicate if you’re going to effectively collaborate. More than that, it’d better align with how you usually do business. Whether they prefer regular meetings, email updates, or the use of an online portal, aligning their communication methods with your community’s preferences ensures transparency and a smoother working relationship. If there is a difference in your styles here, it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, but it is certainly something to consider.

6. Why should we work with you over other homeowner association management companies?

There are a lot of HOA property management companies out there. Each company should have a handle on what sets them apart. Their strengths should be top of mind and easy to articulate. Hopefully, their response not only focuses on services but also encompasses a comment on their company culture, commitment to client satisfaction, and/or how they align with your community’s vision. This question allows you to assess their understanding of their value relative to your community’s needs.

Having an open conversation with potential homeowners association property management companies can be an illuminating part of your search for the best partner for your community. In talking with them, you’ll hopefully get a better idea of their operational style as well as their general company culture. After speaking with them, we hope that your HOA board is empowered to make a well-informed decision that aligns with the community’s vision and sets the stage for a thriving living environment. 

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